We live on a hobby farm near Firestone, Colorado. We began with micro-mini pot-bellied pigs and they remain our passion, but over the years our family has expanded to include chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, peacocks, peafowl, alpacas, angora and nigora goats, large and small breed rabbits, miniature cattle, babydoll sheep, rhea's, emus, and of course we have our resident horses,dogs and cats too! Pictured below are our resident loudmouths, Lock, Shock and Barrel; these geese came as goslings and have become a well - oiled alarm system! Then there is Annabelle, who we use as a comparison so prospective pot-bellied pig families can see what a "real pig" looks like - all 750 pounds of her. We have some of the smallest miniature cattle in Colorado, with Lulu (shown below) standing just short of 36" tall.